Use case 1.1: Drive for industrial applications

Gefran Spa is a public company, worldwide leader in the development of components and advanced solution for the industrial automation: sensors, electrical drives, PLC, instrumentation and thermo-regulators for the engineering of high level technological systems, specifically focused on some main core businesses in the process industry, like the plastic and metal working, the water treatment and the industrial hoisting, but also in the domestic lift.


Products and solutions are based both on standard configurations but also on specific machines requirements or customer needs, faceable thanks to the development of dedicated SW and to the availability of the motion control for the 3 main motor technologies: AC, DC and PM. Control and regulation for a motor range up to 5MW, but also high end solutions for the energy recovering in active front end and fundamental front end technology are available. A wide range of drives and specific SW application that allow to realize the most sophisticated system architectures, specifically for the metalworking (metal plate and tubes cutting systems, rolling mills, wire drawing, etc..) and the Hoist & Crane market (gantry crane in the main typologies or quayside crane) are available.


The same high-end technologies are applied in the domestic lift application, where the needs of high end automation and travel comfort are today mandatory, particularly in the most economically advanced areas. The use case 1.1 is a portal crane controlled by Gefran inverters ADV200 HC. These inverters can manage asynchronous motor with or without speed sensor (encoder) and can control all the system movements, both hoisting and travelers (hoist, gantry, trolley). The use case 1.1 is suitable as validation for BB1, BB2, BB3, BB6, BB7. In particular the setup will be used in order to achieve:

  • improvement of displacement time
  • improve ability for non-skilled operator to use the machine safely and with higher performance
  • anti-sway
  • control for elimination of load oscillations

The crane test setup is composed by 2 axes:

  • Hoist: Inverter ADV200-2075 with brake resistor, asynchronous motor 1,1kW, with mechanical brake controlled from inverter, sinusoidal encoder, limit switches.
  • Trolley: inverter ADV200-1015, asynchronous motor 0,7kW, limit switches.