The I-MECH strategic research agenda is focused on the lower layers of the motion control system – we refer to these as layer 1, the instrumentation layer, and layer 2, the control layer. Enhancements to these layers will deliver significant performance improvements to layer 3 (System behavior and the management systems) which, together, enable cyber-physical systems way beyond the current state of the art. Although I-MECH will not focus on research in layer 3, its innovations will be fully aligned with the architectural standards of industry to ensure that its innovations can be easily exploited.

Building blocks

The ‘I-MECH Platform’ will consist of a mix of existing and new subcomponents which will be developed into more complex I-MECH Building Blocks (BB). Even in the short term the commercial partners will get inspiration from the I-MECH building blocks to improve their current product pallet. The following 11 building blocks will be developed in the first three years of the I-MECH project, afterwards many others may be added:


BB1   Platform for smart sensors with advanced data processing
BB2   Real-time wireless sensors
BB3   Robust condition monitoring and predictive diagnostics
BB4   High speed vision
BB5   High performance servo amplifier
BB6   Self-commissioning velocity and position control loops
BB7   Vibration control module
BB8   Robust  model-based multivariable control
BB9   Iterative and repetitive control module
BB10 Control specific multi/many core platform
BB11 RTOS for multi/many core platform