Demonstrator 1: Contact lens automated transport layer

Johnson & Johnson Vision Care (JJVC), a division of Johnson & Johnson Medical Limited, produce solutions to improve vision and vision care, including the manufacture and distribution of contact lenses. JJVC will provide a clean production environment to demonstrate the I-MECH platform.
The I-MECH demonstrator will focus on the MagneMotion Quickstick linear synchronous motor (LSM) product transfer layer used in JJVC. LSM provides an intelligent and highly controlled product transfer layer as part of the contact lens manufacturing processes.
The demonstrator will apply smart sensing and condition monitoring developed in I-MECH to improve product transfer system performance and implement a predictive maintenance platform to monitor vehicle condition and to address deterioration before failure. This will be achieved with the implementation of wireless sensors to monitor electro-mechanical parameters and the use of a data analysis platform, developed within I-MECH,  to contextualise the data collected.
There is also an opportunity within I-MECH to create a digital twin of the system to model and analyze the existing process flow and system design in order to optimize output and provide a digital reference for the real time performance. Finally, as part of I-MECH, an energy recovery solution will be developed to harvest electromagnetic energy produced in the repeated acceleration and deceleration of the LSM vehicles to decrease the energy footprint of the manufacturing system.