5th I-MECH progress meeting

The 5th I-MECH progress meeting was held in Athens, Greece on October 14-16, 2019. Our project colleagues from ITML have taken the care of the meeting arrangement which took place in this beautiful historical metropole.


The specific goals of the meeting were progress monitoring of building blocks integration into pilots, the final iteration of building block verification results, progress of tasks not related to building blocks and actions alignment for the 2nd Year Examination Review on 11-12 November 2019 in Eindhoven.


A progress of individual work packages was presented during the first day of the meeting. It can be concluded that all project work goes well according to planned schedule with only minor deviations. The realized meeting gave the chance to talk about them with other partners and to propose their solutions. Most of the project deliverables were finalized at the agreed dates.


The second day has been dedicated to presentations of building blocks achievements. There was an evidence of significant advances in pilot integration of the building blocks in comparison to previous project meeting. Many building blocks were able to provide promising test results of the integration process.


Preparing activities and presentation plan for 2nd Year Examination Review were discussed in the last day of the meeting. The presentation backbones for this meeting were presented by work package leaders and their content was discussed so as to condense all the exciting achievements in a tight time schedule of the planned review meeting.


Except the formal program, there was an interesting social program prepared for the meeting attendees in Athens. Commented walk through the historical center of Athens has been passed in the first evening. Bus tour around the extended range of historical Athens places has been organized for the second evening. Common dinners were arranged for both the evenings in nice local restaurants. Attendees had very nice opportunity to taste traditional Greek cuisine while continuing their fruitful discussions about polishing the building blocks for their straightforward integration in pilots, demonstrators and use cases to make them shine during the upcoming review.


How to conclude? With very big thanks. Thanks to meeting organizers from ITML. Thanks to all who prepared the presentations (no one has fallen asleep even thought that we were sitting in sofas). Thanks to all who prepared all the interesting results. Thanks to Arend-Jan, our project coordinator, who carefully followed all the progress of the meeting.