Condition monitoring & predictive diagnostics workshop at BUT CEITEC

A technical workshop was organized between BUT CEITEC-BRNO (Czech Republic) and GEFRAN (Italy) on January 22nd and 23rd. The meeting has given the opportunity to increase the links between these 2 partners that are working together in particular in the WP5.


A very kind welcome from BRNO was done, by showing the several technologies and laboratories that are present in the site of CEITEC. The following discussion, raised during the visit, has highlighted the common interest of both partners about motor control and sensors. The joining of these two technologies is the key element of task 5.3, concerning the condition monitoring and predictive diagnostics.


During the visit, the team has made a deep look at the actual status of the activity done, with a discussion of the strategy in order to foresee a data fusion approach between the vibration sensor that has been developed in BRNO and the inverter and motor information that can be obtained by the GEFRAN ADV200 drive. In particular, these two devices are representing a scenario that the team should use as a demo for the integration of the concepts that has been developed and foreseen to be illustrated in the deliverable 5.4 that will be released in the next month.