I-MECH at the 22nd International Conference on Process control

Members of I-MECH project consortium attended a scientific conference which was held in Strbske Pleso, Slovakia. The objective of the conference is to bring together theoretical experts and control systems specialists, to evaluate the new possibilities of techniques, design procedures and instruments in the field of process control, robotics and mechatronics. The conference is coordinated by Slovak Technical University in Bratislava and sponsored by IEEE Control Systems Society.


Professor Schlegel from University of West Bohemia (ZAPUNI) presented a paper titled “PI Plus Repetitive Control Design: H-infinity Regions Approach” which deals with novel design methods for a class of plug-in type repetitive controllers developed in terms of the I-MECH project. The presentation was received well by the audience and the following networking sessions during the conference revealed several future possibilities of research collaboration in this promising direction.